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The locksmith of today wears many hats, for times have changed a lot. Home and commercial security isn't as simple as it used to be. There are all kinds of locks and security systems to choose from, all with varying prices, level of protection, and durability. Thus, not only a locksmith has to be knowledgeable about these advanced locks, he should also be able to offer recommendations according to one's budget and requirements. At Central Lock Key Store we understand this well, which is why we train our locksmiths to work with different kinds of locks and security systems. We have been serving the people of San Francisco, CA since past 10 years, and so far the people have always found our services above par.

Good Training Means Good Results

Without proper training no locksmith can offer reliable services. Thus, when we hire technicians for our team we ensure they go through a comprehensive training that covers both old and modern locking technologies and mechanisms. We also train them to use all kinds of tools and gadgets that will help them to install even the most complex locks. Plus, with proper use of cutting edge tools they can also finish the work in a small amount of time.

Diversified Experience

Experience is valuable in every business, and locksmithing is no different. We understand that every customer has different needs and requirements. One customer may be using electronic locks, other traditional mechanical ones. Similarly, the nature of problems related to locks and keys are also different, and a locksmith has to know the most effective tools and approach for every problem. Without this it is not possible to deliver good quality work.

At Central Lock Key Store we have several locksmiths who have diversified experience that helps them handle any kind of problem. Our expert locksmiths have proven through all these years that there is no problem that they can't solve. With finesse and high level of dexterity they can easily replace, repair, and install any kind of lock you want.

Here are some of the services Central Lock Key Store is known for all around the San Francisco, CA area-

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  • Safe locking
  • Broken key extraction
  • Security consultation
  • Replacement of locks
  • Duplicate key generation
  • Master key generation
  • Lock installation recommendations
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Old locks repairing
  • Upgrading of home locks overnight
  • Eviction assistance

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